Marquis Label Services

Operating as an ``Open Source Music Company,`` Marquis develops and guides artists towards a path of career success by offering a path to Label Services within Canada, such as Marketing, Radio Promotion, Manufacturing, Distribution, and Sync Placement


The Marquis mandate is to provide artists with quality label services that allow for the highest chance of commercial success while remaining profitable and allowing them to maintain ownership of their master recordings.

Marquis is one of the only firms in Canada that focuses on Artist Development. Our team members have collectively helped develop numerous young artists into successful chart toppers. We specialize in working with new acts who have great music but need help building and channelling their story into something that is ready to be taken to Commercial Radio or top-tier Media outlets (TV, Print, etc).


One of the key facets of success in music these days is a successful radio promotion campaign.

  • Radio Promotion

    There are many ways we approach radio promotion campaigns and they are all custom tailored to each artist individually. Just as no two songs are the same, neither are their campaigns.

  • College Radio

    We work with Canada’s longest-running and most successful College Radio promotion division, with a selective roster of artists specifically curated to the interests of campus radio.

  • DMDS/Play MPE

    From start to finish, we take your music and make sure it gets into the hands of the right people, maximizing your spin potential and getting you more exposure over time.


With over 10 years in business and a team that’s helped developed dozens of careers in music and beyond, Marquis offers select clients our consulting services.

We help you to build a map to success through our experience working with artists, working to make the best decisions for your career and making sure you’re partnering with the right people. From A&R and promotion to business planning and general industry know-how, our team can help educate and assist in many ways. Building a plan from the ground up, working with you on fine-tuning things you’ve already got in the works and many other aspects of the notoriously tough music industry.

Given the neutral role we play in the music industry (we work with everyone), we’ve got numerous strategic partnerships with the people you need to know and connect with if you’re going to be successful. Publicity, Financial Services, Touring, Manufacturing, Distribution, Web/Graphic Design, Travel/Accommodations, etc.


Canadian PR firms tend to be quite specific with the genre and style of music that they represent. There are many great publicists in this country, but how do you find the one who is ideal for you and your material?

Marquis works with a carefully curated list of publicists, and we know their specialties. Whether it’s independent online blogs, or national TV exposure we are able to bring the right PR team onside for your campaign. Through our strategic alliances with the top independant publicity firms in Canada, we fit your custom design needs for whatever you want to do (Rock & Pop). Marquis works with all the top independent firms in Canada, working to receive preferential rates, with a focus on online marketing (blogs, social media, etc).


Merch is part of an artist’s business which can be financially lucrative, establish branding, and help spread the word on the back of your fanbase. While there are times when it can be as simple as printing up 50 black t-shirts and throwing them in the van, we tend to specialize in sophisticated merchandising solutions for musicians who are trying to create something more unique.

Need Design Work for Your Next Campaign?

We've created an easy one-step process to deliver the music-industry-specific design tools you need at an affordable flat-rate price, giving you the freedom to focus on your true passion, making music.

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